In the most recent episode of tvN’s ‘Life Bar’, MC Kim Hee Chul appears with sunglasses and so many started to ask the reason why he wears it to the show: “Why are you wearing sunglasses in indoor?”

Kim Hee Chul then said: “I cried for an hour. Super Junior will return after a long time and in order to prepare for the comeback, I worked hard to practice the dance moves. Because I previously involved in an car accident and so my ankle hurts so badly. After I reached home, I couldn’t get up from my bed. I was so scared and started to cry. I never been so sad, I cried for an hour.”

He continues: “I think the female hormone increased as you get older. My eyes are swollen and so I would like to apologise to the audience from wearing sunglasses to the show.”

Asides, Super Junior confirms to return on 6 November in conjunction with their 12th Anniversary. Recently, they also reveal their comeback countdown reality show ‘SJ returns’ which will be aired before their actual comeback date.

photo source: tvN, IG@kimheenim, ‘SJ returns’