Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Gyo together filmed drama ‘Reply 1988’ and even together appeared on tvN’s variety show ‘Youth Over Flowers’. Recently, they were spotted travelling around United States~

Previously, Park Bo Gum said in Youth Over Flowers that if everyone has time he would like to travel together with ‘Reply 1988’ casts. They were seen wearing in simple black and white outfits backpacking in New York Times Square.

Both hope to see the world biggest waterfall, this time they went to see the beautiful Niagara Falls. Lucky fans even received their signatures and uploaded on SNS to share the great news.

Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo have collaborated in various projects such as KBS’s drama ‘Naeil’s Cantabile’, movie ‘Coin Locker Girl’, tvN’s drama ‘Reply 1988’ and even together appeared in variety show ‘Youth Over Flowers’. Through various collaborations, they build their close relationship and support each other activities and projects.

photo source: TVDaily, internet