Drama Live Up to Your Name aired its final episode on 1 October.

In the last episode, Choi Yeon Kyung (starring by Kim A Joong) thought she will not able to meet Heo Im (starring by Kim Nam Gil) anymore. When Yeon Kyung is helping for the public health service, unexpectedly the injured Heo Im appeared in front of her. The surprise and happiness showed on her face, when helping Heo Im to sterilize, she asked: “Who are you rushing to see?” Heo Im then apologised for being late. Asides, the episode marked a happy ending which Yeo Kyung and Heo Im can stay together forever without being separated.

The casts also gathered in a restaurant at Yeoiudo to celebrate the end of the drama. One of the casts, Kim Sung Joo posted on his Instagram, posing happily with Kim A Joong and Kim Nam Gil. Many expressed their sadness of the end of the drama. Kim Sung Joo also revealed that Live Up to Your Name is his 2nd drama in Korea and he felt honoured to be able to collaborate with Kim A Joong, Kim Nam Gil, the director and the great production team.

Live Up to Your Name is a fantasy-romance drama which brings lots of laughter and tears to the audiences. The drama has received 8% viewership rate and marked the great ending.

photo source: Kim Sung Joo’s IG, Live Up to Your Name screen capture, TVDaily