G-DRAGON attends Chanel 2018 S/S fashion show in Paris recently. He was surprised by Jo Se Ho’s appearance while he walking past with his firing red hair and stylish outfit.

photo source: AFPBB News

He heard someone shouted his name and so he found Jo Se Ho squeezing in between the photographers. G-DRAGON can’t his surprise facial expression when he meets comedian, Jo Se Ho.

photo source: LuLeung

Actually, Jo Se Ho is in Paris to film for variety show ‘Photo People’ which a group of celebrities learn photography skills and go to Paris to take photos during the fashion show.

photo source: StormShadow Crew

Asides, G-DRAGON has ended his solo world tour in Europe and next week will be going to Taiwan for ACT III: M.O.T.T.E World Tour. Taiwan will be his last stop of the world tour.

photo source: IG@xxxibgdrgn