Did you watch drama ‘Temperature of Love’ recently? The main lead of the drama, Seo Hyun Jin starring as Lee Hyun Soo and Yang Se Jong starring as Jung Sun to emerge at the top of October Drama Actor Brand Rankings!

According to the Korean Business Research Institute, a total of 328,253,005 data collected from 1 September to 2 October to measure the 100 high reputation actors. Based on the data, Seo Hyun Jin ranked first and Yang Se Jong ranked second, proved that ‘Temperature of Love’ high popularity.

Seo Hyun Jin always showed her great chemistry with the partner in the drama and Yang Se Jong who just debuted for 2 years showed his outstanding acting skills in the drama.

Check out drama ‘Temperature of Love’ OST sing by GFRIEND’s Eunha:

photo source: SBS / video source: Korea Drama News TOP