Did you still remember the episode where Yoon Kyun Sang planned a hidden camera surprise for Lee Jong Suk? This time, the guests Min Woo and Andy will make a special appearance just for Eric.

The upcoming episode of ‘Three Days A Meal’ invited SHINHWA’s Lee Min Woo and Andy as the guests. Two of them even planned a surprise for their member, Eric. When the 3 members reached Deukryang Island, the food is ready and even has luggages and so Eric started to look out for the guest and wondering will they hide at the same place which they pranked Lee Jong Suk.

Many are curious on how he was pranked by the SHINHWA members. Check out the teaser HERE.

In another teaser, Eric mentioned that: “If Andy come, I am more comfortable, I planning to ask him to do everything.” Lee Seo Jin then asked them to have a cooking competition. When Andy and Eric are preaparing for the ingridents, Yoon Kyun Sang then said: “Is the feeling where the aunt come and help at my mothers’ kitchen.” Looking forward to today broadcast.

Check out the teaser HERE.

photo source: tvN