TVXQ! returns to the latest episode of Happy Together 3 where MAX reveals his reason why he wanted to promote as a member of Super Junior.

Lee Seung Chul and TVXQ! are invited to the Happy Together 3’s Mid-Autumn special – ‘Legend’s Return’ and ‘Legend Idol Special Part 2″.

Unlike TVXQ! usual strict and formal talk show, U-KNOW and MAX bought lots of laughter to the audiences. MAX said: “Sometimes Yunho hyung is too energetic and so I have a hard time. People called him “rich of passion”, or “king of passion.” When explaining himself, MAX said: “I don’t like competition, instead I like to take a step back.”

MAX further revealed that his wish to become a member of Super Junior. Because U-KNOW is too passionate and goal-orientated, when he sticks together with him for too long, MAX will then started to envy Super Junior’s free atmosphere. MAX then added: “At least once, I wanted to promote as a Super Junior, even I have to pay.” When everyone is laughing to what MAX have said, U-KNOW then formally reply: “At that time, I was really angry. We worked so hard for the brand ‘TVXQ’, so why does he wants to go to other group?” Changmin then shook his head: “I was just joking, but he was so serious.”

Not only that, MAX further to reveal the over-passioniate U-KNOW: “Whenever juniors came to the company, U-KNOW will show them his own video and this has become one of the process to enter SM. Because of U-KNOW, even my ideal type has changed.”

After all the stories revealed, Yoo Jae Suk then jokingly said: “ah~ TVXQ! originally is a duo-gag group.”

The duo showed their different personalites through Happy Together 3. Do check out the episode!

*photo source: KBS2