In the latest episode of Three Days A Meal, SHINHWA’s members Lee Min Woo and Andy were invited to the show.

Lee Min Woo and Andy transformed as the staffs and walking around the members in order to give surprise to Eric. (ps: they don’t even recognise them and really thought the guests are staffs)

In this episode, they finally caught the sea bream and cooked a delicious┬ádinner. Eric and Andy preparing for ingredients and Min Woo in-charge of arranging. The speed of cooking has increased and so Lee Seo Jin also can’t hide but smile while seeing their great chemistry.

Lee Min Woo talks about Eric’s wedding where SHINHWA’s members met Lee Seo Jin and Yoon Kyun Sang. Min Woo always wanted to meet both of them once again as they feel like they have 2 additional members joined the group.

After watched the episode, many fans then started to comment: “Na PD, how about ‘Youth SHINHWA’?” “This episode is really interesting”.

photo source: tvN