Fans will go and support their favourite idols whenever they have activities or promotions. Each idol group have their own guide for the fans when watching the performance especially as a BTS or a EXO fans as there’s a guide for YOU when watching the performance!


The guide above was given for EXO-L when attending Seoul Gayo Daesang

  • Lightstick only can be switch-on during EXO’s performance
  • Chanting is only for EXO (including live reaction when receiving awards)
  • While resting or advertisement time, please shout EXO, EXO


ARMY is BTS’s image, who let BTS heads up and stand straight. Nobody is better than ARMY!

  • Bring a black plastic black (or plastic bags) from your house, clean the rubbish surrounding you after the performance ends!
  • Do not stand during the performance!
  • Do not go to other fans’ zone or change seat
  • When other singers are performing please use ARMY2 lightstick (slow motion) to support them (10Mins action is prohibited! Please clap your hands!)

PS: 10minute means when other singers are performing on-stage and the audiences switch off the lightstick, do not sing along or no response. This means the audiences have no reaction.

  • When BTS is on-stage, please put extra effort in supporting them including ARMY who not able to be on-site
  • Kindly avoid non-official lightstick