In the latest episode, the 3 main leads who have the ability to see future incidents through their dreams have finally met.

Nam Hong Joo (starring by Suzy) who saw her father’s death in her first dream, however, prosecutor Jung Jae Chan (starring by Lee Jong Suk) saw Nam Hong Joo’s death in his dream. Lastly, police Han Woo Tak (starring by Jung Hae In) started to has the ability to see incidents take place in future after being rescued at an incident involving Nam Hong Joo.

Actually, one common thing that ties the 3 main leads together is the incident? We’ll need to see in the remaining episodes.

Although 3 of them have the ability to see the future incidents but the dreams direction are different. After their discussion, they found out that the most important thing is their ability to change the destiny.

Nam Hong Joo who always dream since young but not able to change the destiny. Although she tried to change it but there’s no changes but after she met Jung Jae Chan, everything has changed. When a decision is made, the dream direction will change.

This time, Nam Hong Joo and Han Woo Tak saw different dreams and so this gave Jung Jae Chan the clues to investigate and solve the case.

Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes!

photo source: SBS official drama photos & broadcast screen capture