The cutey child Bin who appeared on parenting program ‘Dad! Where Are You Going?” is all grown up! Looking forward to her appearance with her father and brother in the new variety show.

Actor Sung Dong Il appeared on ‘Dad! Where Are You Going’ together with his son, Sung Joon and daughter, Sung Bin. The sibling has received lots of love from the audience during their appearance on the show.

In this year broadcast tvN’s variety show ‘ Change the Class’ (an education program that focuses on the global unique classes that have innovation education method and discuss different traditional education system). Sung Dong Il brought his son to visit a school in United States and we can see Sung Joon is all grown up and changed to a chubby and cutie look.

However, in ‘Change the Class 2’ which will be broadcasted on 9 October, the daughter Bin has joined the show together with Sung Dong Il and Sung Joon. Recently, the show drops the teaser. Is been a long time to see Bin on TV, we can see she has become prettier. Looking forward to their interaction in the show. Check out the teaser HERE.

photo source: MBC, tvN