Recently, EXO’s Chaneyol sent sweet messages to Lay to wish him a happy birthday.

Lay’s birthday is on 7 October and on that day, he released his 2nd solo album ‘SHEEP’. Lay has been busy for his solo activity in China has not joined EXO activities for a year.

Many have started to question on Lay absentees during the year as he did not join any EXO activity and so fans also started to question his relationship with EXO members. But, recently Chanyeol uploads the screen capture of the sweet conversation with Lay and fans are more than happy when they saw that.

Chanyeol uploads with caption: “To the dearest brother Lay! Today I just returned from overseas and almost forget…Happy Birthday!!! This year our meeting time is really less but you know we miss you right?? Stay healthy in China and faster meet up often soon”

The conversation between Chanyeol and Lay is as below:

Chanyeol: Brother Lay~~~ This year our time together is lesser but you know I love you right? Love you brother
Lay: hehehehehehe you are going to upload this to Instagram right? hehehehhe
Lay: Love you, but is always busy and so is sad that we have no time to meet up

The sweet conversation has shown their good relationship, the friendship between EXO members are always there. So, EXO-L say bye to your worries.