Choa currently is under the contract as the ambassador for sportswear Ellesse Korea, but the contract will end in early next year. And right after this, Choa has no further decision on her next year schedule.

This year June, Choa announced to leave AOA and she left a message during that time: “Although I’m the eldest in the group but I’m still young. After promoting for such a long period of time, I often wanted to cry. In order to cure my anxiety disorder and depression, I tried to eat medicine. Starting from last 2 years, I have reduced my schedules but this is not because of tiredness and so I decided to halt all my promotions.”

Choi then continued: “Moving forward I will examine myself, other than the entertainment activities for the past 8 years, in the remaining 20s, I hope I am able to gain more experience that is suitable for my age.”

Many insiders have revealed that Choa has no intention to promote in the entertainment industry. Last month fans-sign was actually set in early this year and so that was not a new job for Choa. Basically, Choa has no new activities after her announcements of leaving AOA.

According to the report, Choa has no intention to further promote in the industry. Although we miss Choa but we still respect her decision.

photo source: Choa IG