The breaking news of the day would be three members of Girls’ Generation are not renewing their contract with SM Entertainment. We bet many of you are still in shock and depression mood. This reminds us that Tiffany actually showed off her tattoos which represent Girls’ Generation.

SM Entertainment today announces that out of 8 members, 5 members have renewed their contracts with the label but Seohyun, Tiffany and Sooyoung have decided to leave the company and will be focusing on their individual activities or pursuing study in overseas.

Right after the news, the official mentioned that Girls’ Generation will not disband but moving forward they will be promoting as 5 members and further details are still in discussion.

At the same time, Tiffany’s tattoos once again has captured our attention. As we know, Tiffany has a total of 4 tattoos which on her finger ‘dreamer’, left chest ‘toujours belle’ which means forever beauty:

This year 16 June, Tiffany shared her new tattoos on her Insta story which the word ‘少女’ meaning ‘Girls’ was tattooed on her index finger.

The finger tattoo design was actually from Girls’ Generation first photo book.

Tiffany even shared the process when she having the tattoo.

Another new tattoo is on her foot which says ‘지금 앞으로 영원히’ meaning ‘Now Always and Forever’. This is actually representing Girls’ Generation slogan: “We are now SNSD, moving forward is SNSD, forever is SNSD!”

And now, Tiffany has decided to leave the label. Wish Tiffany all the best in her study!

photo source: Tiffany’s IG