Boss Lee has opened his new coffee shop, try your luck to hunt the coffee shop in order to bump into the coffee prince Lee Jong Suk.

Previously, we have shared an article about Lee Jong Suk’s new cafe in Seoul. Do check out the article if you haven~ Recently, Lee Jong Suk updated his Instagram which he’s making the ice coffee.

커피를 마실 줄이나 알았지😒

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The boss not only knows how to drink coffee but able to make it as well~ Look at how his friend teaching him steps by steps on how to make the ice coffee.

Actually, Lee Jong Suk’s dream is to open his own coffee shop ’89mansion’ and to travel aboard when his friends before his military service. Although his enlistment date is not confirmed but many fans have started to worry that the day will be coming.

*Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In tuned into their drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’

*photo source: jongsuk0206 IG