Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special will be ending soon~

According to a source from tvN: “Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special’ will air the season final episode on 13 October and the PD Special will be aired on 20 October. The next program that will take over ‘Three Days A Meal’ time slot is not confirmed yet.

Last week, the show has invited SHINHWA’s members Lee Min Woo and Andy. Unlike the usual guests appearance to the show, Lee Min Woo and Andy surprised the members and had an interesting opening. What will be aired in this week episode? Looking forward to the episode.

This season of Three Days A Meal remains the 3 casts – Lee Seo Jin, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang from last season: Fishing Village 3. This season also invited guests Han Ji Min, Le Je Hoon, Seolhyun, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Woo and Andy. All the guests created different interaction with the members, which guest did you like the most?

*photo source: tvN