We knew that Lee Guk Joo is good in dancing but we are still impressed by her cover dance. Her most recent dance cover of BTS’s new song ‘DNA’ is definitely a WOW.

Recently, Lee Guk Joo started to upload her own cover dance on SNS. Two gag women, Kim Myeong Sun and Lee Eunji were also seen in the dance cover video that Lee Guk Joo uploaded. The video that featured the trio has received huge feedback from the audiences.

Their latest cover dance – BTS’s DNA

Wanna One’s ‘Energetic’

Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’

Hyuna’s ‘Babe’

Sunmi’s Gashina

No matter is boy or girl group cover dance, Lee Guk Joo can easily convey the sexy, cute and even smart look~

Looking forward to her next cover dance!

*photo source: gookju