WINNER is finally ‘kidnapped’~ The exciting ‘Kang Restaurant’, please make New Journey to the West members appear in the show!

Previously, in variety show ‘New Journey to the West 4’, the production team has promised to grant a wish to the cast members and Mino’s wish is to appear on ‘Youth Over Flowers’ together with WINNER members.

When PDs are thinking on how to ‘kidnap’ WINNER has they are fully equipped and recently, we spotted the members in the airport with the strip prison outfits. The production team states: “We secretly planned on how to bring WINNER to the destination, the process will bring an unexpected joy to the audiences.”

WINNER official website updated the members outfit on 11 October with caption: “Last week still say that they will not be cheated, the liars.” xD

And during New Journey to the West 4, Kang Ho Dong has requested the production team to have his self-titled show ‘Kang Restaurant’. The production team is currently preparing for the show! Lee Soo Geun said: “Place lots of delicious food at a outdoor table, if any foreigners want to buy you just say is for yourself.”

‘Youth Over Flowers: WINNER Special’ and ‘Kang Restaurant’ is currently in progress and is expected to air in this year-end.

*photo source: tvN, instiz, IG@winnercity