The 2nd generation Kpop groups who debuted before 2010 and still active in the industry left BIGBANG, Brown Eyed Girls and SHINee.


BIGBANG who debuted in 2006 has debuted for more than 10 years and members will be enlisting soon.

Brown Eyed Girls

Debuted in 2006, Brown Eyed Girls has changed their agency and the member marriage but they are still active in the industry and remain as a complete group.


Debted in 2008, SHINee will welcome their 10th Anniversary next year. We know that 5 of them are really close with one another, but after Girls’ Generation members announced their departure from the agency, many are started to worry about SHINee’s future.

Every year there are many new idol groups debuted in Korea entertainment industry and so we rewind these 3 groups debut days to recall the precious memory back then.