G-DRAGON’s solo world tour ACT III: M.O.T.T.E. successfully marks the end, hope GD will have a good rest.

G-DRAGON ended his final solo world tour in Taiwan on 8 October, any V.I.Ps in Taiwan attended the concert? Seems like GD is having fun in his 2 days tour in Taiwan.

After his solo concert ended, he uploaded a long message and revealed that new project will be coming soon. Yesterday he also shared the behind the scenes video of his solo concert and many of his close friends have sent him the wishes. The celebrities include Oh Hyuk, Yang Geon, An Ya Rin, Soojoo, Dara and more.

The last message in the video wrote: “Sometimes I think G-DRAGON’s outfit is really heavy.” Hope he has a good rest.

*photo source: IG@xxxibgdrgn, IG@soonhoc, IG@fakesickness