Are you looking forward to drama ‘Sound of Your Heart’ season 2?

‘Sound of Your Heart’ is based on the webcomic ‘Maeumui Sori’. The fun and interesting storyline have captured the audience’s attention. The drama is starring by Lee Kwang Soo, Jung So Min, Kim Dae Myung, Kim Byung Ok and Kim Mi Kyung. The funniest scene was the family members set the rules for speaking in English only.

Due to high demand from the fans and audiences, the production team decided to film season 2. The production team states: “The season 2 will be titled as ‘Sound of Your Heart: Reboot’, with the brand new cast, story and platform. It is expected to film in end of November and planning to air in early next year.”

Although it is mentioned that brand new cast but we hope the original cast will join season 2.