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Nam Hong Joo (starring by Suzy) prepared herself in the morning while dancing along to BIGBANG’s hit song ‘Fantasy Baby’. Just like any of us when listening to Fantasy Baby, Nam Jong Joo did the same as well~ xD When coming out from the bathroom to ask her mum on where is the shaver, meanwhile emphasizing her leg hair and armpit hair…>< Jung Jae Chan (starring by Lee Jong Suk) was right at her living room helping her mother preparing for breakfast. (ps: the moment where they saw each other through eyes…awkwardness~

Hong Joo’s mum asked the sibling neighbour come to her house for breakfast. Who knows it turns out to be the awkward and hilarious scenes.

When trying to save her own image, Hong Joo then said she actually dreamt how Jae Chan acts like when he’s at his house.

Jae Chan then dressed up himself and even started to do house cleaning just in case Hong Joo will dream it.

*photo source: drama screen capture