MBC Every1’s variety show ‘Weekly Idol’ celebrate its 10 Anniversary and broadcasted the 10th Anniversary special epsiode.

The 2nd episode has welcomed Apink who debuted for 7 years. Due to schedules, only the younger sisters line – Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung came to send their wishes. 

As soon as they arrived, the MCs then asked where are the remaining members, Hayoung then answered: “We removed the old and weak members and only the young members come.” But actually the remaining members have schedules and so not able to join the show.

Last episode, HIGHLIGHT who just newly debuted with their brand new name visited Weekly Idol, and so MCs asked Apink to give the ‘junior’ some advice. Actually HIGHLIGHT formerly called BEAST was debuted in 2009 and Apink was debuted in 2011 and Apink is way younger than HIGHLIGHT and so Naeun at first was confused when the MCs said they are the ‘junior’. xD

Naeun then said informally: “Hi junior~ You guys called HIGHLIGHT right? Recently I saw Doojoon cooked well in variety show~” Followed by Hayoung: “Although the effort in working hard is great but hope they the boldness just like the newly debuted group, I’ll continue to support you guys.” Namjoo lastly said: “I saw you guys greeted like that (slightly nodded) during the show but greeting should be like that (90 degree), do you know?”

The younger sisters line went wild during the show, aren’t they too cute?

This episode also invited GOT7, Sunmi, EXID and more.

*photo source: ALL THE K-POP/ Weekly Idol Twitter