Last Summer, Baekhyun has made 2 wishes and 1 of the wishes has now come true.

During EXO comeback last year, Baekhyun made 2 wishes: 1st is to receive Daesang for continuously 4 years, 2nd is hoping EXO able to appear in textbooks.

EXO is now in secondary school textbooks!

The textbook introduces Korea’s K-pop which EXO appears together with the seniors – Seo Taeji, H.O.T, BoA and Psy.

This has proved their importance in K-pop. EXO has broken many records since 2013 with their 1st full album <XOXO (Kiss&Hug)>. The album has received more than millions of sales. This has made them become the first group that breaks millions of sales within 12 years. After that, they have continuously broken the records for their 4 albums. They also continuously received the Daesung for 4 years.

Baekhyun wishes are now come true~