BTS members often update their Twitter to share their daily lifestyle but recently Jung Kook did not update his Twitter. And so, the fans reminded him to update his SNS. Check out what’s Jung Kook response.

BTS released his new album 《LOVE YOURSELF 承 `Her`》in September and title song ‘DNA’ has received lots of awards and broken lots of records.

Fans found out that Jung Kook has not updated his selfie for 2 months. His previous photo was uploaded on 3 October when flying off to Singapore for ‘Music Bank’ World Tour.

On 8 October, BTS held their last fans sign in Hongdae where Jung Kook made a promise with the fans.

The fans revealed a request signed by Jung Kook during the fans meeting. It was written, “Me, Jeon Jung Kook after 3 August 2017, I have not update new selfie and so on 8 October 2017, I will update it to prove to ARMY that Twitter app is still alive in my phone ❤”

After it was revealed, many fans are looking forward to Jung Kook updates! As promised, Jung Kook uploaded a selfie together V and written: “Thank you Army. This event is really happy. #JungKook”.

*photo source: Internet, BTS Official Twitter