The account name can be differentiated into 3 types:

First – simple account name using his/her name

The representative is Yoona, her Instagram ID is yoona__lim, we can easily know the account is hers.

#5월 #황금연휴#다들모하세여 #융스타그램

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Taeyeon’s ID is taeyeon_ss. The ss behind her name is the short form of SNSD.

EXID’s Hani added her year of birth together with her name –> ahnhani_92

Apink’s Bomi started to have Instagram and has named her account as ‘__yoonbomi__’ and Hayoung has changed her account name from ‘o_h_y_y’ to ‘_ohhayoung_’.


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Second – Incorporate with English

BTOB’s leader Eunkwang ID ‘btob_silver_light’ is actually the literal translate from his Korean name ‘Eunkwang’. xD


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Sungjae’s ID ‘yook_can_do_it’ is actually from ‘you can do it’ which he changed the word ‘you’ to his surname ‘yook’.


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Third – Guess the name

Apink’s Namjoo ID ‘sarangdungy’, you might not able to figure out what it is as first but it actually means ‘cutie’ in Korean language.


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Chorung’s ID ‘mulgokizay’ actually means ‘Pisces’, the romanization of 물고기 자리.

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Fourth – the unique

f(x)’s Krystal ID, ‘vousmevoyez’ which means you can see me in French.

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Luna’s ID ‘hermosavidaluna’ which includes her English name and also means ‘The pretty flower’ in Spanish.

• 아이~~소이 ~~🍑🍑

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Amber includes her nickname ‘Llama’ in her ID ‘ajol_llama’

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Did your idols have special ID name? Do share with us!

*photo source: Yoona IG, Krystal IG