TVXQ’s U-KNOW shows his passion throughout the episode of ‘Knowing Brother’. Heechul even uploads a photo with TVXQ! before the broadcast.

TVXQ! appears in the latest episode of JTBC’s variety show, ‘Knowing Brother’ and received warm welcome from the members.

In the column of shortcomings, U-KNOW wrote ‘Because I’m full of passion, so I can’t stop when I started to do something.” MAX then added when U-KNOW meet the juniors, he will then give his advice. Super Junior’s Heechul also said: “There’s 1 place that we won’t join during the gathering which is the place that has Yunho, Choi Siwon and Choi Minho. When they are gathered together, even teacher Lee Soo Man won’t approach them.”

Heechul then describes the situation when the trio gathered together: “Yunho will talk about Korea’s culture in future, Siwon will talk about charity related topic and Minho will be the good listeners listening to what the seniors said.”

Heechul’s Instagram also mentioned ‘Show Me Your Love’, this really reminds the olden days of K-pop right?

*photo & video source: JTBC’s Knowing Brother, kimheenim@Instagram, SMTOWN