This week, SBS’s new drama ‘Doubtful Victory’ will be conducting their first script reading.

Yoon Kyun Sang will be starring as the main lead ‘Oh Il Seung’ who is a detective. Although his character is innocent and simple but he excels in action and investigation skills. Due to his character many have wonder why he became a detective in the first place.

Jung Hye Sung starring as the female lead. ‘Jin Jin Young’ who is also a detective working in the same department as Oh Il Seung. She did not recognise teamwork and did not know how to tolerate others. She entered the police academy with 1st placed result and graduated as the top student. She is good in everything including her investigation skills.

‘Doubtful Victory’ talks about the fake detective who framed by evils and regains the meaning of becoming a police after that. The drama will take over ‘Temperate of Love’ time slot and airs in end of November.

*photo source: TV Daily