During the guessing session in JTBC’s variety show ‘Knowing Brother’, what made Changmin felt ashamed?

Changmin revealed Yunho’s passion has made him felt ashamed. xD

Rewind back to 2011 during Changmin’s birthday, in the beginning of ‘Keep Your Head Down’ performance in the music show, Yunho shouted: “Changmin ah~ Happy Birthday!’. This has made Changmin feeling ashamed.

Changmin then rewind the exact situation during the performance. Yunho reveals because the opening of Keep Your Head Down is really short, I wanted to say lots of things but I can’t so at least I think I should say ‘Changmin ah~ Happy Birthday’. Two of their cute interaction has made the members burst into laughter.

Let us rewind the performance:

The performance is performed on 18 February 2011 at KBS 2TV’s Music Bank.

*photo & video source: JTBC’s Knowing Brother, KBS 2TV’s Music Bank