Super Junior talks about appearing in variety show and new album promotions in SJ Returns’ episode 11 & 12 which aired via VLIVE.

Heechul said after he appeared in JTBC’s variety show ‘Knowing Brother’, his popular increased instead of favorability. Shindong added: “Back then hyung really is not the type that people will like” which made Heechul speechless. xD

Yesung then suddenly suggests: “How about Eunhyuk to appear on ‘Produce 101’?” Lee Teuk then calmly said: “Eunhyuk will be dropped out in the first round.”

Eunhyuk then said they should not promoting the show but to promote their new album and revealed the production process and story.

Members next target to make fun of –> Donghae. Member said Donghae favourability ranked 2nd because he is not popular and so he will not be hated by others and so his ranking is high. However, Donghae think that would be better as he able to live like a normal person. He then suggested how about he appearing in variety show but the members quickly said: “Don’t think of that.”

*photo & video source: VLIVE ‘SJ Returns’