HIGHLIGHT’s unique dance style and challenge Weekly Idol’s 2x speed random dance. Check out how they successfully win the prizes.

In conjunction with MBC every1 10th Anniversary, Weekly Idol released the special episode featuring various singers and idols. Right after GFRIEND and GOT7 challenged on 2x speed random dance, HIGHLIGHT also did the brand new 2x speed random dance.

Seems like they almost forget the songs that they have released so far. xD MCs also can’t hide their laughter by seeing their dance. Starting from ‘Ribbon’ which released last year til ‘Breath’ which released 7 years ago.

And so, the MCs give them another chance and allowed them to remove ‘Ribbon’ and ‘Breath’ from the random dance.

When HIHGLIGHT are dancing hard along with the song, suddenly ‘Ribbon’ was played. And so Yoseob shouted: “Is Ribbon!!” and members then cheered in happiness: “We win!”

And so, HIGHLIGHT success 2x random play dance without getting the right dance moves. They success thanks to the production team’s mistake of playing ‘Ribbon’ which supposed to be removed as agreed.

Check out the video here:

*photo & video source: All The K-pop