Today, Akdong Musician’s Suhyun updated her Instagram and shared a photo of her older brother, Chanhyuk who’s currently serving his military service.

Lee Chan Hyuk enlisted on 18 September and he is enlisted at the Marine Cops and currently is receiving basic training at Pohang, Northern Gyeongsang province. Previously, Marine Corps 1226th has received a video which including Chan Hyuk. He said in the video: “Everything is great here. I want to live in Marine Corps department. I love you all.”

Today, Lee Suhyun updated her Instagram with a photo of Chanhyuk and captioned: “Everyone, recently I received mails from my brother. He said he’s doing well and working hard with his training! But everytime when he receives the emails, there’ll be one or two prank mails.”

“Although we don’t who but there’s only one chance given to read the email┬áper day, he will be upset if he missed the chance. For my brother who is currently receiving difficult training, please stop sending prank mails to him!! Sincerely~”

*photo source: Lee Chan Hyuk’s IG