Variety show ‘Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special’ aired it’s final episode yesterday and the episode was actually captured by the members.

Through the latest episode, the audiences able to watch the behind-the-scenes footage and the interesting story.

*The meet-up with the granny goat – Jackson

Jackson actually appeared in last season but this season she has upgraded her status from a mum to a granny.

The trio was more than happy when they able to meet the goat Jackson at Deukryang Island once again. Look how the members specially┬ápack the milk and delivered to Deukryang Island’s citizens. And the citizens gave lots of food ingredients in return.

*The top star as the guest – starting from Han Jimin to SHINHWA.

This season invited actress Han Ji Min followed by actor Lee Je Hoon, AOA’s Seolhyun, actor Lee Jong Suk and SHINHWA’s Lee Min Woo & Andy. Each guest has shown different interesting stories through the broadcast.

*The feast – from grilled pork to carbonara bread spaghetti

Eric’s cooking skills have improved after the show. Looking at the various dishes that cooked by the master chef, Eric. This season they also speed up the cooking time.

Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special’s Lee PD said: “We received many warm memories at Deukryang Island, and thanks to the audiences who love the trio during the moment. Hope everyone will continue to support the behind the scenes footage and guests’ interview.”

*photo source: Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special screen capture