In Korea, many music programs have set the rules to restrict the exposure of idols’ outfit. And the rules was set because of Gikwang.

Former BEAST member and current HIGHLIGHT member, Lee Gikwang recently appear on ‘Happy Together 3’ and talks about the shirtless performance at music programs back then.

Back then, he thoughts his body wasn’t that bad and said it was too good for himself to look only. At that time, he was wearing a shirt with the strap pants. But who knows after he took of the shirt only the strap pants left which made him too sexy. According to report, after the broadcast, broadcast station started to have new rules against the exposure.

Asides, Gikwang also shared his sad dating story: “I saw my ex-girlfriend dating another man at the same time and the man is the person I know. Because I trusted the person at that moment and so I was really¬†shocked.”

*pic credit to owner