EXID announces their comeback date and what’s happier than leader, Solji’s return. Yesterday, EXID announced this great news through LIVE broadcast.

On 18 October, EXID did a live broadcasted titled ‘We are back’ and said: “For everyone, is time to reveal the news of our new album.”

The interesting thing about the LIVE broadcast was only EXID’s voices were aired but not their faces. Solji said: “Long time no see, I miss everyone of you. We are currently shooting for the cover photos of the new album and so we privately did the live broadcast.” She added: “Really miss all of you, feeling excited and happy.”

Junghwa said: “The upcoming title song is a different genre from ‘Night Rather Tahn Day’, you will feel happy when you listen to it.” Hani then said: “It’s sexy, Girl crush…”

EXID will released their 4th mini album ‘Full Moon’ on 7 November, 6PM (KST).

*photo source: Banana Culture