Siwon’s family pet, the Frech bulldog bitted a famous restaurant CEO and passed away from sepsis 6 days later.

Previously, Siwon will share his pet on Instagram and recently this pet has bitten a neighbour at the apartment and passed away from sepsis. This pet is actually Siwon’s family pet and today Siwon and his father has apologised through Instagram.

Siwon’s father Choi Ki Ho expressed through her daughter Instagram: “It is true that our family dog ran out while the door is open and bitten the deceased neighbour and passed away because of sepsis. However, there might be secondary infection during the treatment process so currently is really hard to pinpoint directly on the cause of death. We should strictly look after the dog to ensure no such things will happen again. Our family has bowed their heads in apology to Mrs.Kim family.”

Yesterday, Siwon also apologised through his Instagram and states: “I sincerely apologise to the family of the deceased who is suffering from the sorrow of losing their family member. I heard about the news regarding our family dog and I felt really sorry and I offer my most sincere condolences towards the family of the deceased. As one of the family member who raising the pet, we felt the responsibility and due to our failure in supervising and this happens. I will deeply reflect and ensure this event will not happen again. Sorry for causing any trouble to everyone and I pray a happy afterlife for the deceased.”