Pity the vocalist, Sunghoon who sat beside Jiwon~ xD

This year marks Sechskies 20th Anniversary and recently they released their 5th full album and held their fan sign. One of the videos during the fan sing has gone viral. Because leader, Eun Ji Won received a huge fake cockroach from the fans and while Sunghoon was interacting with the fans, Ji Won then put a prank on him. Look at the fake cockroach slowly approaching towards Sunghoon’s direction all controlled by Jiwon. xD

*photo source: supershinstudio

Sunghoon who was really in shock and even slipped out the ‘rude word’ and kept patting his chest and said: “I was really shocked by it.” (ps: look at Sunghoon jumped off from his seat and the epic facial expression)

*photo source: supershinstudio

After hearing Sunghoon’s scream, Jaeduk and Jaejin also quickly turned towards to check out what had happened.

*photo/video source: supershinstudio

Asides, during a fans meeting, Eun Ji Won’s received a fake hand and shocked Sunghoon as well (video staring from 8:15). He even stood up to prank Jaeduk.

*photo/video source: Ohana

Previously, YG Entertainment announced that Sechskies had a holiday with the staffs during the Chuseok holiday. This will be aired as a variety show, looking forward to it.