Today, during SBS LoveFM Unnie’s Radio, Taemin appears to promote his new album ‘MOVE’. During the talk with the DJs Taemin reveals his nickname: “I always broke things and even lost things and so I have the nickname as ‘magic hand’.”

When we think of the U-Know, Kai and Taemin, we often associate with dance but that’s not all as Taemin revealed that TVXQ!’s U-Know and EXO’s Kai are part of the magic hand gang.

He added: “Our company has a list for ‘Magic hand’ which is senior TVXQ!’s Yunho, EXO’s Kai and me.” Taemin said: “We lost things to the extent like giving out money on the street.”

Out of all, who has the highest ‘magic’ power? Taemin reveals that he’s the one: “Out of 3 of us, I am the most serious and I lost lots of things!” ps: don’t be shock if you see Taemin’s thing by the roadside next time then xD

*photo source: SBS, SM Entertainment