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B1A4 is happy and excited to be meeting with fans in China soon

Amidst competition from new and old idol groups and non-idol singers, B1A4 has managed to remained competitive since their debut in 2011, and maintained their competitiveness. In the past few years, B1A4 has continually shown growth and left a deep impression on fans, before finally becoming a popularity idol group within Korea and overseas. It's now 2014, and B1A4 is still a hit with fans.

B1A4’s Sandeul tries to eat a giant hamburger in 13 minutes

The upcoming August 25th episode of MBC Music’s 'B1A4’s One Fine Day', sees the B1A4 members going to a dry sauna, having a live broadcast of them eating at Geojedo where Sandeul even attempted his own 'Food Fighter' episode.