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BEAST reflects on their five years in the business with ‘HIGH CUT’

BEAST marked their 5th year anniversary this past October, and they revealed their thoughts about it in a photo shoot and interview with 'HIGH CUT' fashion magazine.

BEAST wraps up ’12:30’ promotions with unplugged concert

The concert was attended by over 5,000 fans, and was held in an intimate setting, with BEAST singing their songs live while also including a talk segment. BEAST performed their title song '12:30' which won on music programs of the three major channels for two consecutive weeks, and 'Midnight,' 'No More,' and others with a live band at their concert.

BEAST would love to enlist together in the army

BEAST recently sat down for an interview where they talked about their special album as well as army enlistment plans, and said, "We might be growing out our hair just after getting discharged from the army five years later."

BEAST achieves all-kill on real-time charts with ’12:30′

Having kept their fans waiting for so long, BEAST finally released their title song '12:30' off their new 7th mini album 'TIME' at midnight of October 20th. The song soon achieved an all-kill on ten real-time music charts in the aftermath.

BEAST to make a comeback next month to mark 5th anniversary

BEAST is set to welcome its 5th year anniversary on October 16th by releasing their brand-new album, and begin full-fledged promotions. It will thus mark a speedy comeback for BEAST in 4 months, having only just released and promoted their last album 'Good Luck' in June.