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BTS announces April 29th comeback

Idol boy group BTS has confirmed today that they will making their comeback on April 29th, and come into direct competition with their sunbaes like Big Bang and EXO.

BTS wants you to guess their June concert date in Malaysia

BTS will be holding their '2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY IN MALAYSIA EPISODE II.THE RED BULLET' concert sometime in June, and the local concert organizer...

BTS wraps up second solo concert on a successful note

Idol boy group BTS held their '2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS‍' concert on May 28th and 29th at Seoul's Olympic Park, and ended their second solo concert in South Korea on a successful note.

BTS unveils individual posters for ‘BTS Begins’ concert

Bangtan Sonyeondan, or simply BTS, confirmed details along teaser images for their upcoming concert this year. Following the success of their concert last year, BTS will be having...

5 English songs covered by K-idols

How much amusing it is when Kpop idols cover English songs. Few artists are fluent in English and mostly, are not. Yet, either of...

BEAST, GOT7’s Bam Bam, Yugyeom, and BTS’ Jung Kook will not perform at ‘Golden...

Having been plagued by visa issues right until today, the organizers of the upcoming 'Golden Disc Awards' has announced that BEAST, and some members of GOT7 and BTS will not perform on stage at the awards ceremony.

BTS wins 2014 Rising Star award from Arirang TV ‘Pops In Seoul’

BTS has been named the 2014 Rising Star by Arirang TV 'Pops In Seoul,' after they came out tops in a poll carried out by the program which polled viewers from 188 countries around the world.

BTS to show their capability at solo concert this October

BTS will be holding their solo concert 'BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE Ⅱ. THE RED BULLET' over two days on October 18th and 19th at AX-KOREA in Gwangjangdong, Seoul.

BTS reveals rehearsal footage compilation from five major cities

Idol boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys) recently released a compilation video of dance rehearsals that they had done while in the cities of Seoul, Berlin, São Paulo, Stockholm, and Las Vegas.