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3 gorgeous actresses gathering! Han Ji Min, Han Hyo Joo & Choo Ja Hyun

Such a lovely photo of Han Ji Min, Han Hyo Joo and Choo Ja Hyun~ Today, actress Han Ji Min updated her Instagram with the...

Choo Ja Hyun confirms relationship with Chinese actor

Another cross-border relationship has been confirmed today, as Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun announced through her Weibo that she was currently seeing Chinese actor...

Mastery of Chinese language is the key to Choo Ja Jyun’s success in China

Actress Choo Ja Hyun is continuing to see her popularity soar in Mainland China, after she made her move to the Chinese market in 2007, and her success story has been picked up by the Korean media. SBS TV program 'SBS SPECIAL' recently did a special on Choo Ja Hyun, and revealed the reasons behind her rapid success in China.