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How will idol stars spend their Lunar New Year holidays this year?

It will be Lunar New Year's Eve tomorrow, and while there will idol stars who will get to enjoy a breather from their hectic schedules to spend time with their families, there are also some who have to forgo their holidays because of their work.

Girl’s Day Minah captivates with her mesmerizing eyes for ‘SURE’

Girl's Day Minah recently did a pictorial for 'SURE' fashion magazine, where she showed off her multiple charms, by trying out the most trendy lip colors at present.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri to rival Han Ji Min for Hyun Bin in ‘Hyde, Jekyll,...

It has been revealed that Hyeri of Girl's Day will join upcoming SBS TV Wed-Thu drama 'Hyde, Jekyll, I,' where she is cast as a girl who has a crush on Hyun Bin's character.

Girl’s Day’s Minah will not perform at year-end festivals and ceremonies after sustaining injury

It has been revealed that Minah of Girl's Day recently sustained injuries to her leg while recording SBS TV variety program 'Eco Village,' and will thus be unable to perform with her group at the multiple year-end award ceremonies and festivals in the coming weeks.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s value has soared after starring in ‘Real Men’

Hyeri of idol girl group Girl's Day has recently become the new darling of the advertising industry in South Korea, after her apperance in MBC TV weekend variety program 'Real Men,' where she captured the attention of the whole nation with her adorable aegyo.

Son Heung Min never dated Girl’s Day’s Minah

News broke yesterday via Girl's Day's Minah through her agency, that she had broken up with South Korean football star Son Heung Min after a short-lived relationship. But an affiliate of Son Heung Min has claimed that they were never in a relationship to begin with.

Son Heung Min and Girl’s Day’s Minah have broken up

It has been revealed that Girl's Day's Minah and South Korean football star Son Heung Min have broken up.

Girl’s Day to release world’s first card-type smart album for comeback

Girl's Day will soon make their comeback, and the group will be making history by releasing the world's first card-type smart album.

Girl’s Day to make a swift comeback this month with ballad

The member of Girl's Day have been active with variety and dramas of late, but fans will be delighted to learn that the group will be making a swift comeback with a ballad this month!

Girl’s Day learns the true meaning of group living in Thailand

Girl's Day recently took time out from their busy schedules, and participated in extensive volunteer work in Thailand for the second year running.