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EXID’s Hani and Kim Woo Bin voted most wanted celebrities to eat Jajangmyeon with...

With April 14th being an unofficial holiday called Black Day, EXID's Hani and actor Kim Woo Bin has come out tops in a poll, after being voted as the most wanted celebrities to eat Jajangmyeon with on Black Day.

EXID’s Hani cries after hearing ‘Up and Down’ on variety program

The first episode of JTBC variety program 'Crime Scene 2' premiered on April 1st, and the love for EXID's Hani has grew even more among fans after she cried during the broadcast.

EXID announces April 13th comeback and drops Hani teaser photo

Idol girl group EXID has officially confirmed that they will be making a comeback this April.

‘Crime Scene 2’ reveals individual posters of Hani and other guest stars

The production team for upcoming general cable jTBC variety program 'Crime Scene 2' has today released individual posters for its five panel guests which include director Jang Jin, television personality Park Ji Yoon, Hong Jin Ho, Jang Dong Min, and Hani of EXID.

EXID Hani’s ‘Up And Down’ viral fancam surpasses 10 million views on Youtube

The viral fancam of EXID Hani performing 'Up And Down' recently surpassed 10 million views on Youtube, and has set an unprecedented new record never before seen in the South Korea music industry.

EXID’s Hani is glamorous and sexy for ‘GEEK’

EXID's Hani recently filmed a pictorial for 'GEEK' men's magazine, where she showed off her devastating sexy charms.

EXID’s agency will not go lightly on netizens who posted malicious comments about Hani

It has been reported that the police are currently investigating two netizens for starting 'blind item' rumors about EXID's Hani last week.

EXID’s Hani has received a lot of confessions from male celebrities

EXID were guests on a recent recording of MBC Every1‘s talk show 'Shin Dong Yup’s Bachelor Party,' where they performed their viral hit 'Up And Down,' and also displayed their gift of the gab. Hani meanwhile drew attention after admitting that she has received several confessions from male celebrities.

EXID’s agency denies ‘blind item’ rumors surrounding Hani

With rumors flying around about EXID Hani's involvement in a 'blind item' rumor, the group's agency has decided to step forward to deny that Hani had anything to do with it, and warned of legal action should things get out of hand.

Heechul, Goo Hara, Bora, and Hani seek to transform into fashion icons in ‘A...

KBS 2TV will soon launch their brand new beauty program called ‘A Style for You,’ and it will be led by Super Junior’s Heechul, KARA’s Goo Hara, SISTAR’s Bora, and EXID’s HANI, who will seek to bring the latest trends to viewers, while also going through transformations themselves.