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SM Entertainment apologizes for S.M.ROOKIES’ Taeyong past behavior

It was recently reported that S.M.ROOKIES' Taeyong has had a 'black past,' after evidence of him scamming people on online auctions as well as threats he made against other users in 2009 started spreading online among fans. SM Entertainment has since issued an official apology.

SM Entertainment to unleash new male soloist

SM Entertainment is set to unleash its new male soloist.

Lawyer feels that SM Entertainment could win lawsuit against Luhan

The October 15th episode of SBS TV 'One Night of TV Entertainment' shined the spotlight on Luhan recently filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract with them and leave EXO. This came after fellow EXO member, KRIS, had also similarly filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment earlier this year, to terminate his contract citing the same unfair contract terms.

SM Entertainment issues official statement regarding EXO Luhan’s lawsuit

Following the news of EXO Luhan's lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment earlier today, the agency has now responded with an official statement about the matter.