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VIXX posts a photo during comeback’s rehearsal

Prior to the boys' comeback, VIXX shared a picture of them in a practice room in the middle of their rehearsal. On February 21, VIXX's official...

VIXX drops video teaser for remake song ‘Love Equation’

Having revealed earlier that they would be remaking R.ef′s 1995 hit song 'Love Equation' for their upcoming single album 'Boys' Record,' VIXX has now released a video teaser for it to hype up anticipation among fans even further.

VIXX will remake R.ef’s ‘Farewell Formula’ for upcoming album

After much speculation among fans, VIXX has finally revealed through their official SNS, that they would be doing a remake of R.ef's 'Farewell Formula' for the group's upcoming album 'Boys' Record.'

VIXX drops ‘1995’ hint for remake title song off ‘Boys’ Record’ album

VIXX recently dropped their teaser photo and track list for their upcoming album 'Boys' Record,' and got fans in a frenzy in trying to find out the title of the remake song that they would be using as their title song.

VIXX’s N is confirmed for new SBS weekend drama

VIXX's N has been confirmed for an upcoming SBS weekend drama.