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YG Entertainment denies speculations of Jinusean being first on the list for 2015 comeback

On March 27, YG Entertainment clarifies rumors that Jinusean will be making a comeback on April 1, pertaining to the 'Who's Next?' time-bomb poster...

YG Entertainment drops ‘WHO’S NEXT?’ teaser for April

YG Entertainment has started a new wave of cryptic promotions which will be their first of 2015, after dropping a new 'WHO'S NEXT?' photo teaser recently, and invoking much curiosity among fans.

SM Entertainment leads Korean entertainment agencies in terms of profit made for 2014

SM Entertainment was besieged by a string of scandals last year, but the 2014 financial report for the company has showed that the company had actually made the largest amount of total sales since its establishment.

NONAGON’s F/W Collection features YG trainee and iKON’s B.I and Bobby in a teaser

YG Entertainment's clothing line, NONAGON, revealed a teaser video for their 2015 Fall and Winter Collection featuring their own artists. iKON's B.I and Bobby, together...

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk is reportedly busy working on iKON’s debut early next year

With the new year (2015) almost upon us, many are certainly looking forward to new promotions by YG Entertainment's artists.

YG Entertainment wishes PSY a Happy Birthday with a comedy photo

YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk has recently wished PSY a Happy Birthday through the company's official blog on December 31st.

Yang Hyun Suk apologizes for incidents caused by his artists on ‘Healing Camp’

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk recently participated in a recording of SBS TV 'Healing Camp,' where he made an apology with regards to incidents caused by his agency's artists in recent times.

Trainee Kim Eun Bi departs YG Entertainment due to health reasons

Trainee Kim Eun Bi who has been training to debut as a member of YG Entertainment's new girl group, was reported today to have already left the agency due to health reasons.

YG Entertainment teases with ‘Who’s Next?’ poster

YG Entertainment has dropped a new teaser poster, which left fans curious as to which artist from the company is going to be promoting next.

YG Entertainment to launch cosmetics brand ‘moonshot’

YG Entertainment has officially announced its entry into the world of cosmetics with a brand new makeup line.